Kaisa Nurkka Translation and Language Services

 Because words count.

My Services


VAT not included. There is a 25 % surcharge for work with a tight deadline.  

Translation (general en-fi)

from 0.15 € per word

Translation (specialised en-fi and all fi-en)

from 0.20 € per word

Copywriting and content creation

from 50 € per hour

Proofreading and editing

Around 1000 to 2000 words per hour.

from 40 € per hour


from 10 € per minute

Kaisa Nurkka

Hi! I'm Kaisa Nurkka, a language professional with a creative streak. I got my Master's degree from the University of Helsinki, where I studied English philology, Finnish literature and translation. My work history includes translation, marketing and customer service jobs in multiple international companies. 

I have studied and worked in England, so I am very familiar with its culture, customs, companies and colloquialisms. This puts me ahead of the game when it comes to picking up references and nuances that others might miss. My biggest strength in language work is my sensitivity to context and my chameleon-like adaptibility to various styles of writing.

In my free time I read a lot and dabble in creative writing: I write poems, aphorisms and prose. This experience, combined with my work history in marketing, makes me an innovative and professional content creator for any company's marketing and advertising needs. 

I am a creative and solution-oriented person with a passion for thorough research. Whether it's translation, language editing or creative writing: Kaisa will find the right words!


Käännös- ja kielipalvelu Kaisa Nurkka
("Kaisa Nurkka Translation and Language Services")

E-mail kaisa@kaannosnurkka.com

Phone +358 40 160 8083

Address Soittajantie 3 R 122, 00420 Helsinki

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